Explore our vast array of Furniture and Styling components available for hire.

Our essence can be defined by two words: Innovative Design, Impeccable Execution.

D PLUS D Events stands as a distinguished force in the events landscape, specializing in crafting exquisite furniture and styling components for a spectrum of occasions including weddings, special celebrations, corporate functions, and media events.

Our reputation extends far and wide, endorsed by the industry’s premier event producers. We are celebrated for our unwavering commitment to transcending the boundaries of imagination, consistently delivering style and quality that surpasses expectations.

  • 1940s Shanghai with BNT Management

    Attendees stepped back in time and transported themselves to the glamorous era of 1940s Shanghai with BNT, in the historic Town Hall- Immersed themselves in an exquisite evening celebrating Chinese cuisine, decor, and the captivating ambiance reminiscent of that era. Every detail had been thoughtfully curated to recreate the enchantment and elegance of 1940s Shanghai.

    Guests stepped into an atmosphere where rich aromas and flavors of authentic Chinese cuisine greeted them. Adding to the authenticity of the setting, the seating featured our Windsor Chairs adorned with luxurious linen. The classic design of the chairs complemented the overall ambiance, offering both comfort and style. The linen was carefully selected to reflect the elegance and refinement of the 1940s, adding a touch of sophistication to the seating arrangements.

  • Monochrome Wedding at the Doltone House

    We proudly supported Mary Ronis in the curation of a contemporary monochrome wedding at Doltone House, showcasing the exquisite design of our iconic Kartell Ghost dining chairs.

    Within this stunning setting, the Ghost dining chair range in clear, opal, and black variations gracefully added a touch of sophistication. This Ghost Collection seamlessly merges modern techniques and materials with timeless charm, exuding an aura of grace and elegance.

    Renowned for their remarkable lightness and versatility, these chairs effortlessly complement any environment or occasion.

  • The Event Space event held at the MCA

    Guests immersed themselves in the enchanting Arabian ambiance of The Event Space event held at the MCA. Our coastal range outdoor furniture, luxurious Persian rugs, and the breathtaking designer Nordic range took center stage.

    The Nordic Collection, an awe-inspiring tribute to impeccable Scandinavian craftsmanship, graced the occasion with its high bar tables and bar stools. These remarkable pieces featured captivating surface contrasts, courtesy of their elegant blend of soft oak and raw steel. With their timeless design, they effortlessly elevated every space they adorned, adding a touch of classic beauty to each setting.

  • Weddings at Oatlands House

    Guests immersed themselves in the beauty of our Garden Range, meticulously crafted for outdoor events.

    Whether the occasion was an enchanting outdoor ceremony, a sophisticated cocktail and canapé setting, or a delightful networking drinks session, our Garden Range provided the ideal ambiance. Its elegant and versatile design seamlessly complemented the picturesque surroundings of Oatlands House.

    Attendees experienced a seamless blend of nature and celebration, indulging in the delights of our Garden Range throughout this special event.


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  • Can you still help if product hire is all I'm after?

    Absolutely! Product hire is a crucial component of our business. We pride ourselves on housing NSW’s most versatile range of designer furniture, including a significant number of stock items.

    We are confident that our on – site crew are the best in the business, with years of experience installing genuine styled events. We place a high value on service and quality.

    We want to do more than just deliver and drop your products. We think you’ll be delighted in how effectively they set up your event and take care of the details you need taken care of.

  • What styling services do you offer?

    We understand that no two clients or events are the same.

    We are committed to providing our clients with the most unique and bespoke experience we can offer.

    Our talented team are highly experienced to assist with a keen eye for detail.

    All clients receive a truly personalised, complimentary styling response and fully itemised quotation.

  • What venues and suppliers do you work with?

    Our relationships with the many of Sydney’s most loved suppliers, venues and event teams means we have a strong understanding of their expectations. We are proud of this well-earned reputation and know the venues both logistically and stylistically.

  • What styling budget should I have?

    D PLUS D Events is about delivering bespoke events for our clients.

    We take pride in being able to create styled solutions that are in tune with the needs of each client and their budget.

    We offer tiered corporate pricing solutions to enable our mutual clients to plan ahead and manage their event budget.

    Our event stylists save clients time by providing detailed quotes of our product and services that allow them to pick and choose how they would like to use their allocated budget.

    We take pride in assisting our clients to get the most value from their event!

  • What if you don't have everything I'm after for my event?

    Wen truly are a ‘one stop shop’ event business.

    We have a huge product range, both by product type and volume.

    And if we don’t, we can certainly call on our trusted partners within the industry.

    Our merger of Divine Events and Decor of Distinction to create D PLUS D Events has given us what sets us apart from the rest.

    This means we can provide styling services and furniture hire for weddings, corporate events, social gatherings, media events fashion shows and more.