Virtual Event Styling at The Event Summit 2020

D PLUS D Events was proud to help style The Event Summit 2020.

In its 3rd year, The Event Summit is a unique, one day conference for the event, activation and experience industry. Originally intended to be a physical event this year, the organisers made the important decision, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, to make the conference totally virtual. The conference was streamed online via the Twitch platform.

The Calyx – Royal Botanic Gardens

The Event Summit 2020 took place at The Calyx. Located within the heart of the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, The Calyx is home to one of the largest green walls in the southern hemisphere, cafe, shopping and an exciting range of workshops. The current exhibit which displayed a magnificent backdrop to the event is called inBLOOM.

D PLUS D Events Styling

We were thrilled to bring to life this Virtual Event and help accentuate the stage sets with our styling, for all the attendees tuning in online. Working with the striking living wall aesthetic at The Calyx, we featured our popular spring ranges – the white Nevada Lounge Set and Frankie Coffee Table. These were beautifully accented with pops of emerald green and hot pink!

See below for the styled stage sets and images from the conference.

Styling for Virtual Events

When webcasting for business, it is imperative to be conscious of being impactful and engaging through the camera to your online audience. This means everything that the camera captures, should be designed well and be in tune with the business or brand represented.

The one aspect that many people and companies overlook when webcasting, is styling. In this instance styled staged sets, furniture and accessories. Engaging your online audiences through a visual medium is key in garnering and keeping their interest going!

The key focus of styling is enhancing and presenting better on camera for a better viewing experience.



Thanks to the team at The Event Summit, Premium Media and The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney.


Styled by D PLUS D Events