Beyond the mere elements of a venue, furniture, flowers, and entertainment, the conception of an event holds a deeper significance.

The capacity to navigate the forefront of creativity, maintaining brand authenticity, and adhering to essential standards is pivotal in curating an event experience that is genuinely exceptional and captivating.

Furthermore, we form strategic alliances with highly coveted event designers, stylists, and production firms, collaborating to forge indelible memories for their clientele.

Confide in us with your vision, as we join forces to meticulously craft the ultimate guest experience, ensuring every detail contributes to an extraordinary and unforgettable event.

The realm of events is a vast canvas of possibilities, where creativity knows no bounds. Within the realm of D PLUS D Events, our extensive legacy is rooted in collaborating closely with our clients, sculpting distinctive and personalized events that align seamlessly with their aspirations and brand essence.

Our distinction lies in our role as industry thought leaders, continually pioneering innovative concepts.

Our objective is to transmute your dream event into a manifestation of your essence and vision.

Do you possess a notion that yearns to be brought to life?

Visualize it, and we shall weave it into reality.

You Envision. We Craft. You Revel!

  • McGrath Awards Night 2022

    In the preceding year, our pivotal client from the real-estate sector orchestrated an extraordinary multi-sensory journey for its attendees.

    At the core of this spectacle, a grand-scale orchestral rendition of alternative dance and electronic anthems took center stage, impeccably synchronized with an enchanting laser and light extravaganza. The culmination revealed a stunning drop of dramatic drapes, adding an element of awe.

    The theme of diamonds infused the entirety of the experience, captivatingly mirrored in the immersive on-screen visuals. The stage itself mimicked the intricate diamond shape, while tables were artfully arranged in a chevron formation, accompanied by angled aisles. Further elevating the ambiance, LED tubes, powered by kinetic motors, traced a captivating path through the airspace, meticulously following the chevron trajectory. The grandeur was amplified by the presence of over 800 staff members, who reveled in a soirée that defied all norms, an unprecedented celebration indeed!

  • Breeannah & Daniel's Retro Wedding

    When the couple approached us with their elaborate wedding vision centered around a '70s retro' and 'disco fever' theme, it marked a departure from the conventional wedding design norms of whites, blushes, and golds.

    This theme posed a delightful challenge — how to retain the elegance inherent to weddings while infusing an explosion of colors and exuberance that mirrored the couple's vibrant personality and envisioned ambiance.

    Our dedicated stylists, undertook the task of translating this vision into reality. Through skillful layering of textures and strategic manipulation of light reflections, they breathed life into the event's atmosphere. The standout element was the ingenious incorporation of rotating disco balls on each guest table, captivatingly synchronized with vividly hued flowers. The addition of tinted cut glassware and an array of citrus fruits not only contributed a tactile dimension but also added a playful contrast.

    This extraordinary ensemble of design elements came together to create an atmosphere that resonated with the couple's unique energy and vision, truly elevating the entire wedding experience.

  • Meshki - Life of Mars at The Venue

    A phenomenal creative collaboration orchestrated by Max Media Lab brought the spotlight onto D+D Events, playing an instrumental role in the styling of Meshki Life's extraordinary "Life on Mars Collection" showcase.

    Steering this artistic endeavor was an accomplished Team of Senior Stylists. With their adept touch, the concept was seamlessly transformed into a captivating reality. The teams visionary prowess gave birth to a captivating Martian landscape, meticulously composed of bespoke sands, opulent linens, captivating heat lamps, exquisite blooms, and authentic rock formations.

    This immersive journey transcended guests into a realm that felt otherworldly, etching an indelible mark that harmonized beautifully with the brand's core identity. It's indisputable that the art of event styling emerged as the cornerstone, enigmatically weaving an encounter that will linger in memory as an extraordinary engagement with the brand.


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  • Can you still help if product hire is all I'm after?

    Absolutely! Product hire is a crucial component of our business. We pride ourselves on housing NSW’s most versatile range of designer furniture, including a significant number of stock items.

    We are confident that our on – site crew are the best in the business, with years of experience installing genuine styled events. We place a high value on service and quality.

    We want to do more than just deliver and drop your products. We think you’ll be delighted in how effectively they set up your event and take care of the details you need taken care of.

  • What styling services do you offer?

    We understand that no two clients or events are the same.

    We are committed to providing our clients with the most unique and bespoke experience we can offer.

    Our talented team are highly experienced to assist with a keen eye for detail.

    All clients receive a truly personalised, complimentary styling response and fully itemised quotation.