Eco-conscious practices and Innovative floral solutions

Thank you for considering D PLUS D Events for your upcoming Event/Wedding.

As part of our eco-sustainability drive, we have collaborated with Florapeutic to help with our unified vision for changing how flowers are valued in the Event and Floristry Industries.

With your support, we can continue to add value to the environmental impact they are making tackling flower waste issues through Flower Donation and Preservation.

You can avail of their services, and at the end of your Event/Wedding they can repurpose Florals to be preserved, or have them wrapped for guests, or donated to an organisation of your/their choice.

Should you be interested in this service please let us know and we can send you a refined Quote to include their services to align with your requirements and the Event/Wedding.


Florapeutic is the first and only social enterprise in Australia tackling the flower waste issues. They rescue and repurpose event flowers that are otherwise wasted and support businesses and event industries to be environmentally and socially responsible through flowers.

Since 2020, Florapeutic has diverted 276 kg of green waste from landfills, which means about 551 kg of CO2e has been reduced. They have also delivered 184 repurposed flower arrangements. It means that about 1,930 individuals have benefited from the donated flowers.

Note: D PLUS D Events does NOT profit from this collaboration, only the environment does and we help contribute!

 If this is not for your event, please note D PLUS D Events has eco-conscious practices in place and ensures disposal of floral waste materials in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. 

Rescue | Repurpose | Reduce

Eco-conscious practices and Innovative floral solutions

At D PLUS D Events, we are committed to orchestrating exceptional events with a focus on environmental responsibility. Recognising the impact our industry can have on the environment, we proudly uphold being Sydney’s leading sustainable event styling and furniture hire company, setting a new standard with eco-conscious practices and innovative floral solutions.

Did you know?

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  • Flowers help us heal faster.

    Scientific studies have proven that flowers help us heal faster by lowering stress and perceived pain levels.

  • Floral delivery adds to CO2 emissions.

    Delivering Flowers adds about 9,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere.

  • Floral Foam is not biodegradable.

    Phenolic resin floral foam is not biodegradable. It should not be placed in the compost, garden or in the natural environment.

  • A typical wedding in Australia, has an average of 15kg of botanicals thrown away as general rubbish.

    A typical wedding in Australia, has an average of 15kg of botanicals thrown away as general rubbish. With over 120k (just) weddings held across Australia each year, we dump about 1,800 tonnes of green waste into landfill.

  • Flower waste is known to contain toxins.

    Flower waste is known to contain toxins like arsenic, lead and cadmium from pesticides, causing pollution and triggering major water-borne diseases when dumped in the waterbodies.

  • Most flowers are good compost ingredients.

    Most flowers are good compost ingredients. Composting allows organic materials to decompose in a controlled setting and is a natural and beneficial process.