Styling for Media, Film & Production Events

Crafting Tailored Excellence: Our approach is far from generic templates and standard props. We specialiSe in curating bespoke experiences that embody the essence of your brand’s values. At D PLUS D Events, we take the extra step by designing and executing events, exhibitions, installations, and experiences that establish a direct connection with your audience and leave a profound impact.

Harnessing our specialized proficiency in furniture hire for media, film, and production events, alongside our adept event styling services tailored for these distinctive occasions, empowers us to conceptualize and actualize events, exhibitions, installations, and experiences that forge an immediate rapport with your audience, imparting a lasting impression.

Every endeavor represents a blank canvas where we seamlessly amalgamate creativity and innovation, leveraging our specialized services such as event styling tailored for media, film, and production events. Regardless of your event’s nature, we possess the adeptness to craft a unique narrative that strikes a chord with your audience, mirroring your brand’s singular identity and imprinting an enduring mark.

As a professional events and styling company, D PLUS D Events is proud to boast an impressive portfolio of well-curated projects.

As you may have gathered from our website, we are a team of trained professionals who take pride in making the art of event planning look effortless for our clients.

We create 'Event Experiences'

Event Styling with a Purpose: At D PLUS D Events, event styling is an artistry where we transform our clients' vision into captivating design. Today's events are immersive experiences that demand intentional styling. They are narratives, each detail holding significance.

Styling with purpose extends beyond mere aesthetics. It's about ensuring our clients not only shine uniquely but also communicate their core message with clarity, leaving an indelible and authentic impression on their audience. At every step, we honour the narrative and respect the intricacies that shape a remarkable event.

Event Florals

Elevate Your Event with Floral Artistry: Enrich your event’s ambience with our creative team’s exquisite floral designs, tailored to perfectly match your unique style.

Our dedicated florists meticulously curate a harmonious blend of colours, ensuring a seamless coordination that envelops your event in elegance. With a commitment to opulence and quality, our floral ingredients exude luxury, enhancing the entire day.

From the inception of selecting an inspiration board to the commencement of planning, our floristry team collaborates closely, crafting a floral masterpiece that embodies your vision.

Floral Donation & D PLUS D Events

Embracing Eco-Sustainability: In our steadfast commitment to eco-sustainability, we’ve partnered with Florapeutic to advance our shared vision of reshaping the perception of flowers within the Event and Floristry Industries.

With your invaluable support, we’re poised to amplify the positive environmental influence by addressing flower waste challenges through Flower Donation and Preservation initiatives.

Florapeutic stands as Australia’s pioneer and sole social enterprise dedicated to combatting flower waste. Through their tireless efforts, they salvage and repurpose event flowers that would otherwise be discarded, fostering a culture of environmental and social responsibility within businesses and the event sector, all through the medium of flowers.

Other Offerings

Furniture Hire + Dance Floors

Linen, Cutlery + Tableware

Ceiling Installations + Lighting

Signage + Media Walls + Branding Placement

Discover within our expansive catalogue a myriad of diverse pieces meticulously curated to seamlessly align with any theme or film ambiance. Whether you seek upscale bar tables tailored for corporate launches or vintage barrels evoking historical allure, our array offers options to cater to every requirement. Delve into modern designs exuding sleek, futuristic aesthetics or explore versatile props ideally suited for press events and influencer gatherings.

Within our range, you’ll find LED-lit bars, sumptuous seating, and more, all meticulously selected to prioritize comfort and foster engagement. Through our comprehensive furniture hires and complimentary styling services meticulously tailored for media, film, and production events, we empower clients to bring their creative visions to fruition, ensuring each occasion embodies the distinctive essence of their event’s concept.

Embark on a journey through our complete hire catalogue and collections to witness the breadth of possibilities we offer.


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  • Can I meet my booked Florist ?

    All of our personalised packages include a meeting with your chosen Florist (once you have confirmed with a deposit with us). This is where we will plan the details with you and your Florist to ensure everything is perfect for the Big Day. It’s best to set up this meeting when you are closer to your Event, so that your Florist can gauge style and seasonal availability. Leave it to us, we’ll do all of the organising for you!

  • Are your Styling Services complimentary ?

    At D PLUS D Events we are delighted to offer our styling services to you complimentary.

    We understand that no two clients are the same. As a team of talented stylists, we are committed to providing our clients with the most unique and bespoke experience possible.

    Each client receives a truly personalised styling response and fully itemised quotation.

  • What are your Floral Delivery costs ?

    Our Floral delivery costs are standard for the Sydney Metro Area during Business Hours (including weekends) and are determined by the number of locations we are delivering to.

  • Do you offer Floral repurposing ?

    Yes, we’re all about getting value for your money, especially with Florals. Ask your Stylist the best and most economical way for us to organise this for you!

  • Why is there a Damage Waiver on my Quote ?

    A damage Waiver is payable by the Hirer to cover all costs associated with normal wear and tear to Products and any accidental damage to a particular Product, provided that the replacement cost and/or cost of repairs to any Product which was damaged does not exceed 10% of the hiring fee for the particular Product.
    The damage waiver does not apply to or cover any other damage to or loss of Equipment including, without limitation:
    (a) damage resulting from overloading, exceeding rated capacity, misuse, abuse or improper servicing of Equipment;
    (b) damage or loss due to disappearance of the Equipment;
    (c) damage caused by the use or operation of Equipment in contravention of any of these Terms;
    (d) damage to, or loss of, the Equipment from any unknown cause.

    Note: It is non-refundable

  • What sustainability options do you offer for Florals post my Event ?

    Thank you for considering D PLUS D Events for your upcoming Event.

    As part of our eco-sustainability drive, we have collaborated with Florapeutic to help with our unified vision for changing how flowers are valued in the Event and Floristry Industries.

    With your support, we can continue to add value to the environmental impact they are making tackling flower waste issues through Flower Donation and Preservation.

    You can avail of their services, and at the end of your Event/Wedding they can repurpose Florals to be preserved, or have them wrapped for guests, or donated to an organization of your/their choice.

    Should you be interested in this service please let your Stylist know and we can send you a refined Quote to include their services to align with your requirements and your Event.

  • What information should I have from my chosen Venue ?

    1. Access times for set up and pack down
    2. Floorplan
    3. What styling elements or furniture may be included in your package ?
    4. Do they allow naked flames at their Venue ?
    5. Who is your Venue contact ? Who will be onsite on the day of your Event ?
    6. What information do they need from your suppliers ?
    7. Is there any other Venue information your suppliers need to note?
    8. Do they need pre delivery of items like Crockery, Cutlery & Linen *if selected ? If so, where can we procure delivery labels and information ?
    9. Are Venue inductions required to access the Venue ?


Connect with us for your upcoming industry event and witness how we breathe life into your themes with our specialised furniture hire tailored specifically for media, film, and production events. Whether you envision grand floral installations towering gracefully over sleek modern dining settings for a gala dinner, or prefer a minimalist stage set amidst the industrial chic ambiance of an urban loft for a product reveal, we bring your visions to fruition.

Moreover, our dedicated event styling team stands by your side throughout the planning process, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience. Together, we will craft an environment that transcends mere visual appeal, forging a deep connection with the purpose of your event.

Opt for D PLUS D Events for a styling experience that transcends the ordinary, where every element bears witness to our dedication to elegance, functionality, and the narrative of your unique story. Get in touch with us today to discover more about our services and embark on the journey of planning your impeccably-styled event.

Styling & Furniture Hire for Media, Film & Production Events