About Us

As of July 1, 2022, Divine Events + Decor of Distinction have seamlessly merged into a unified force.

This amalgamation harmonizes our wealth of talent, robust infrastructure, and valuable relationships, all under the banner of a premier styling and furniture hire company. Bespoke styling services and an extensive range of hire options remain central to our specialization.

Our collective industry expertise spans over two decades, reflecting a blend of traditional sensibilities and forward-looking perspectives. Our foundation lies in Intuitive Service and Innovative Style, crafting experiences that are both timeless and cutting-edge.

Event styling, for us, is an art of translating our clients’ visions into tangible designs. The modern event landscape is immersive, demanding events that are ‘styled with purpose.’ Each event is a narrative, and we hold a profound respect for every intricate detail.

Styling with purpose goes beyond surface aesthetics; it ensures our clients shine distinctively and communicates their core messages with clarity, memorability, and authenticity.

The process of conceptualizing an event surpasses the mere selection of a venue, furniture, floral arrangements, and entertainment. Operating on the forefront of creative exploration while staying true to your brand identity and adhering to industry standards is pivotal in delivering an event experience that is genuinely unparalleled and captivating.

Our Services

Infusing innovation, style, and intuitive service, we approach each event with a distinctive flair. Our goal is to offer you a seamless, stress-free experience while delighting your guests. Whether it’s event styling or furniture hire you require, rest assured, you can rely on us to deliver beyond expectations.


At the forefront of the industry, we stand as thought leaders, driven by innovation. Have a vision that you’re eager to bring into reality? Envision it, and we will seamlessly transform it into a vibrant creation. Your role: Imagine. Ours: Create. The result: Your enjoyment elevated to new heights.


As a seasoned team of stylists, we prioritize meticulous attention to detail. Our expertise lies in event design and furniture hire, where every element is crafted with precision. Emphasizing your needs, we provide complimentary styling services. Secure your complimentary consultation with us today and embark on a journey of impeccable style and personalised elegance.


Welcome to our team of seasoned stylists, where a dedication to detail reigns supreme. Our expertise spans both event design and furniture hire, and we’re thrilled to extend to you our complimentary styling services. Ready to embark on a tailored experience? Secure your complimentary consultation today and let’s bring your vision to life in every intricate detail.

Why Choose D PLUS D Events ?

D PLUS D Events stands as a revered presence in the events landscape, distinguished for our expertise in crafting exquisite furniture and styling elements that transcend weddings, special occasions, and corporate functions. Our reputation echoes through the industry, earning us the respect of the foremost event producers. We are renowned for our unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of imagination, delivering unparalleled style and uncompromising quality.

Complimentary Styling Services

We understand that no two clients or events are the same. We are committed to providing our clients with the most unique and bespoke experience we can offer. Our talented team are highly experienced to assist with a keen eye for detail. All clients receive a truly personalised styling response and fully itemised quotation.

Skilled Full-Time Events Crew

We are confident that our on-site crew are the best in the business, with years of experience installing genuine styled events. We place a high value on service and quality. We want to do more than just deliver and drop your products. We think you’ll be delighted in how effectively they set up your event and take care of the details you need taken care of.

One Stop Shop

We have a huge product range, both by product type and volume. Our merger of Divine Events and Decor of Distinction to create D PLUS D Events has given us what sets us apart from the rest. This means we can provide styling services and furniture hire for weddings, corporate events, social gatherings, media events fashion shows and more.

Proudly Trusted in the Industry

Our relationships with the many of Sydney's most loved suppliers, venues and event teams means we have a strong understanding of their expectations. We are proud of this well-earned reputation and know the venues both logistically and stylistically.