Comprising a team of seasoned stylists, we uphold meticulous attention to detail as our guiding principle. Our commitment extends to providing complimentary styling services, encompassing both event design and furniture hire.

Event styling is our art, through which we skillfully translate our clients’ visions into tangible designs. Today’s events have evolved into immersive experiences that demand a purposeful approach to styling.

Each event we curate is a narrative in itself, and our reverence for the intricacies of the tale is unwavering.

Styling with purpose is our commitment to ensuring our clients shine uniquely amidst the multitude, while effectively conveying their pivotal messages with transparency, memorability, and authenticity.

Our brand identity is infused with the essence of our distinctive, complimentary styling services, setting us apart in the industry. Regardless of the occasion – be it a corporate affair, social gathering, or wedding – our hallmark lies in curating seamless experiences intricately tailored to your individual vision.

In the realm of events, the line between greatness and true memorability is defined by the attention lavished upon details and the seasoned team orchestrating the magic.


    "AV1 was behind all production elements, from concept creation, event design, event management and theming to registration (by our company Sprintr), audio visual and digital media. This year, the theme was Mediterranean Coast and the talented team at D PLUS D Events did a fantastic job with the styling, from the stunning floral arrangements on the tables to the striped beach umbrellas on the terrace."
    - AV1 Marketing and Communications Manager, Andrew Crook


    Manique & Shane had to face the disappointment of having to postpone their wedding not once, but twice due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the second postponement being only 2-days prior to their locked-in wedding day. Throughout their challenging journey, D PLUS D Events offered transparency and guidance to make sure both Manique and Shane felt supported throughout such a challenging time.

    Despite the setbacks, the couple's vision of a soft romantic wedding style was brought to life by D PLUS D Events through pastel florals and timeless styling components. Being able to fulfill the couple's dream and witness the joy that radiated on their special day through their wedding photos was an incredibly rewarding experience for D PLUS D Events.


    Beneath the open expanse of stars at ICC Sydney, attendees were transported into an enchanting realm.

    Our mesmerizing ceiling lighting installations cast a spell, orchestrating the perfect atmosphere for the evening. This masterful play of light and space laid the foundation for an experience that was both captivating and enchantingly unforgettable.


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  • Can you still help if product hire is all I'm after?

    Absolutely! Product hire is a crucial component of our business. We pride ourselves on housing NSW’s most versatile range of designer furniture, including a significant number of stock items.

    We are confident that our on- site crew are the best in the business, with years of experience installing genuine styled events. We place a high value on service and quality.

    We want to do more than just deliver and drop your products. We think you’ll be delighted in how effectively they set up your event and take care of the details you need taken care of.

  • What styling services do you offer?

    We understand that no two clients or events are the same.

    We are committed to providing our clients with the most unique and bespoke experience we can offer.

    Our talented team are highly experienced to assist with a keen eye for detail.

    All clients receive a truly personalised, complimentary styling response and fully itemised quotation.

  • What venues and suppliers do you work with?

    Our relationships with the many of Sydney’s most loved suppliers, venues and event teams means we have a strong understanding of their expectations. We are proud of this well-earned reputation and know the venues both logistically and stylistically.

  • What Styling budget should I have?

    D PLUS D Events is about delivering bespoke events for our clients.

    We take pride in being able to create styled solutions that are in tune with the needs of each client and their budget.

    We offer tiered corporate pricing solutions to enable our mutual clients to plan ahead and manage their event budget.

    Our event stylists save clients time by providing detailed quotes of our product and services that allow them to pick and choose how they would like to use their allocated budget.

    We take pride in assisting our clients to get the most value from their event!