• Pier One Sydney Harbour Wedding Showcase

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    As the vibrant hues of spring bloom into the scorching days of summer, event styling and furniture hire take on a fresh and exciting transformation in 2023 - 2024. With each passing season, the world of event design evolves, offering innovative and trendy ideas to make your gatherings truly unforgettable. From outdoor soirées under the sun to elegant indoor celebrations, this year’s event styling and furniture trends promise to inspire and elevate your events to new heights. Join us on a journey through the latest, most captivating trends that will shape the Spring-Summer 2023 event landscape.

  • ICC Sydney

    D PLUS D Events had the honor of being chosen to transform every outdoor space for ICC Sydney's exciting new venture: Connect Outdoors, an exceptional outdoor entertaining service. Our enduring collaboration with venue partners continues to thrive as we eagerly embrace their novel concepts, revitalizing events and catering to the changing preferences of event planners and attendees in a post-pandemic world.

    Explore the brilliance of our 'Styled Solutions' below, thoughtfully crafted for ICC Sydney's open-air vantage points, offering panoramic vistas of Darling Harbour and the iconic Sydney CBD skyline.


    Our recent collaboration with Sydney Living Museums for the official launch of the now Museums of History, at one of their gorgeous venues; The Mint.

    Museums of History NSW is changing the way our past is understood and our future will be experienced.

    Putting history before us, not behind us, they strive to keep the history of NSW relevant, empowering and new.

  • Qantas’ 100 years

    We were privileged to participate in and commemorate the significant Qantas centenary event, where the gala dinner was a truly remarkable spectacle.

    This occasion went beyond being a mere celebration of Qantas' century of service. It stood as a remarkable testament to the airline's unwavering dedication to excellence and its pivotal role in shaping Australia's aviation sector.

    Event Production by @rizerglobal

    Furniture and Linen by @dplusd_events

    Venue: Qantas Hangar 96

  • GOLD DINNER 2023

    An astounding achievement of a World Record-breaking $19.2 million was accomplished during the Gold Gala Dinner in support of the Sydney Children's Hospital.

    We feel deeply honored to have played a role in this monumental evening dedicated to an extraordinary cause. Our Gold Tiffany Chairs graced the space with impeccable style and finesse.

    Our heartfelt congratulations go out to all individuals who contributed to orchestrating such an exceptional event.

  • Set sail with Sealink!

    In an exciting synergy, D PLUS D Events has forged a dynamic partnership with Sealink, a renowned maritime leader. This alliance is set to deliver remarkable styled solutions and furniture hire choices to their distinguished clientele.

    This remarkable collaboration harmonizes D PLUS D Events' mastery in event conceptualization and design with Sealink's impressive fleet, comprising the luxurious vessels: Starship, Starship Aqua, Captain Cook, and The Jackson. Collectively, they create an exclusive and unmatched realm for a diverse array of events and celebrations.

    Here's a glimpse of the unparalleled offerings awaiting you through this exhilarating collaboration.

  • Events at Taronga

    Explore the captivating outdoor ceremony venues at Taronga Zoo, where each setting is graced by the breathtaking beauty of the harbor.

    Thoughtfully designed to elevate your special day, these setups are intricately fashioned to deliver a distinctive and memorable experience.

    Delve into the remarkable results of our recent partnership with Events at Taronga. Anticipate extraordinary moments and exceptional experiences that await you!


    As part of our eco-sustainability drive, we have collaborated with Florapeutic to help with our unified vision for changing how flowers are valued in the Event and Floristry Industries.

    With your support, we can continue to add value to the environmental impact they are making tackling flower waste issues through Flower Donation and Preservation.

  • We are D PLUS D Events!

    Welcome to the new era of Divine Events + Decor of Distinction! As of July 1, 2022, we have seamlessly merged our expertise, resources, and partnerships to create a powerhouse in premier styling and furniture hire. While maintaining our commitment to bespoke styling services and an expansive hire collection, we're excited to present a unified vision that sets the stage for unforgettable experiences.

    Backed by a combined industry experience of over two decades, our approach is grounded in tradition yet forward-looking in nature. Our intuitive service and innovative style remain the cornerstones of our philosophy, ensuring your event is nothing short of extraordinary.

Event in the Spotlight: The Winners Table by Belle Property at Crypto Castle

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